Friday - 19/03/2021 00:20

After a missed appointment due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hội An show - A unique, novel but close-knit real-scene art show about Hội An culture will be officially launched to the audience on the occasion of the 46th Anniversary of the Liberation of Hội An city. This is also a thank you gift that Hội An wants to send to people and tourists who always give their affection to Hội An and overcome difficult times with Hội An.

Hội An show is a real-scene show which retells the historical story of Hội An town through many ups and downs, challenges and severe weather. Hội An is so strong and Hội An people who are full of will and faith overcome all challenges together to make Hội An increasingly develop and become an impressive tourist destination which is voted by tourists as the most favorite tourist destination.
The show is the enthusiasm of the team, the enthusiastic contribution of people, tourists and the whole community to create a new tourism product which bears the own imprint of Hội An.
  • Time: 20:00, 28/3/2021, live broadcast on VTC9 and QRT channels
  • At: Japanese covered bridge and Hoài river.
You’re warmly welcome!


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