The 5th Cẩm Hà Kumquat Festival 2020

The 5th Cẩm Hà Kumquat Festival 2020

In the former time, it is believed that displaying a fruitful kumquat tree on Lunar New Year day is a way to express their wish for a happy and prosperious new year.

Hoi An Lampionfest So 029

Hoi An lantern festival in Wernigerode

Since 2013, Wernigerode city (Federal Republic of Germany) has been twinned with Hoi An city (Viet Nam) based on a sustainable urban partnership. Wernigerode is known as one of the colorful ancient towns which is very famous for tourist activities of Harz region. With many similarities in cultural and social environment, and the esteem of people here for Hoi An, two cities agreed to organize the event Hoi An Lantern Festival in Wernigerode.