Hoi An- an amazing attraction

Wednesday - 17/03/2021 06:14

Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam province) may be the most attractive tourist destination. Visitors always want to return to this place because of its charm.

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Someone has once lived with Hoi An; he will always want to go back to the ancient town. Everything in Hoi An seems to be poetic, making visitors feel nostalgic.

Hoi An at dawn

Before the sun rises, Hoi An is completely quiet. The town is so misty that visitors may find dew on leaves and the moss covering the old yellow walls. It is the best time to enjoy the fresh air there.

The daily activities in Hoi An ancient start with when the first beams of sunlight appear through Bougainvillea glabra trusses to street corners, old mossy roofs and yellow walls. The appearance of the locals and visitors in the streets makes the town warmer and busier.

Hoi An under the sunlight at noon is like being marinated in honey besides the silver sparkle Hoai river. Hoi An in the rain is also charming. The streets are embellished with colourful umbrellas of visitors, so it looks more beautiful. 

Photo: khoe365.nguoiduatin  

Hoi An- a different city

Hoi An is unique in visitors’ eyes. Intact wooden houses with mossy roofs and walls, Bougainvillea glabra trusses, colour lanterns and flower garlands make up the beauty of the city. Besides, it is the peacefulness of Hoi An and local warm-hearted people that most of the visitors love and, therefore want to return to this place.

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Rehahn, a French photographer moved to Hoi An with his family after his visit to this city in 2007 although he had visited over 30 countries in the world.

He and his family feel very happy there because they have a good living atmosphere. Moreover, Hoi An is suitable for his job because, according to him, it is a heaven for photographers.

Warm-hearted Hoianians

Hoi An residents are simple-hearted, friendly and hospitable. They are very lovely. Hoianians are always warm to their guests.

Photo: khoe365.nguoiduatin  

If you are invited to their home, you will be entertained to simple but delicious foods and drinks that are made from the materials available in their garden.

Besides, Hoianians’ ditties sung while working also make visitors charmed. Therefore, most of visitors to Hoi An always want to go back after leaving.



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