Foreigners to Hoi An- goodwill tourism ambassadors

Monday - 12/04/2021 20:42

The Hoianians’ hospitality, friendliness and sincerity has turned foreign visitors to Hoi An into goodwill tourism ambassadors. They stated that they would introduce Hoi An, Quang Nam and Central Vietnam to their relatives and friends.

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Making Hoi An lanterns

Being stuck in Hoi An due to Covid-19, thousands of foreign tourists have received assistance from the local government and tourism community to overcome difficulties.

So, they expressed their admiration for Hoi An- a safe, friendly and hospitable destination. Many of them promised to introduce Hoi An, Quang Nam and Central Vietnam to the public when the COVID-19 epidemic is under control.

Artur Gorge from Portugal was such a case. Over a year being stuck in Hoi An due to Covid-19, he made a living from teaching online but his income was just enough for his maintenance.

Luckily, the owner of Mr Tho Garden, where he was staying, facilitated his daily living activities without any rental fee.

Besides, during the time he stayed in Hoi An, Artur got much support from local authorities and residents, which helped him out of worry and stress. He was also protected from the Covid-19 epidemic. Artur said that living in Hoi An was like in his homeland.

Along with Mr. Tho Garden, many other villas and hotels in Hoi An provided free accommodations for foreign tourists from the US, Finland, Germany, Poland and others; helping them get over their difficulties and feel happier during the time of being trapped in this ancient city.

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Foreign visitors to Hoi An

According to these foreigners, Hoi An will always be the best place in tourists’ hearts thanks to the locals’ and local authorities’ good gestures.

It is sure that these beautiful images of Hoi An will be introduced to the public and Hoi An tourism will recover soon.



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