Hội An New Year Festival 2017

Thursday - 08/12/2016 16:31

Hội An New Year Festival, which is an annual event, has been held by the city of Hội An for years. It was considered that the event had left a deep impression on visitors’mind thanks to the friendliness, humanity and soul-connection of people from all over the world.

hoi an chao nam moi 2017
This year, the “Hội An New Year Festival 2017” will be held at 4:00pm on December 30th, 2016 untill 1:00 am on January 1st, 2017at An Hội Sculpture Garden with a range of exciting activities. Before the event, the street of Nguyen Phúc Chu will be decorated with many lanterns and light; and street food can be found easily along this street. Here is also the place where the cheerful flashmob dance and colorful street masquerade will take place. In addition, the artistic performance composed of enjoyable pieces such as concert, hiphop dance, lucky draw and spring musical performance with the involvement of Hoian artists and the foreigners living in Hoian is expected to bring audiences glorious moments.
Within the frame of the festival, the city of Hoian will welcome the 2 millionth visitor to Quangnam province in 2016. And on the next day January 1st, 2017, at 9am, the event “Welcome the 1st tourist group to Hoian” will be held at Japanese Bridge area. This event is a way to express Hoian people’s hospitality to visitors. After the moment when people hold each other’s hand to pray for a peaceful world, there will come the moment of transition from the old year to the new year; it’s also time for the people of Hoian and visitors to indulge themselves into the glow of  firework and dance together with joyful music.
Hội An New Year Festival 2017 will be certainly one of the most unforgetable impressions awaiting you to discover in the beautiful small town by Hoai river.

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