“Greenize” the manufacturing process to protect the natural ecosystem in Kim Bong, Hoi An

Wednesday - 28/02/2024 09:08

Carpenters in Hội An city, Quảng Nam province preserve traditional values while embracing green practices. Modern art products and souvenirs are becoming increasingly popular as the craft village is associated with tourism. Kim Bồng Carpentry Village provides products tailored to tourists’ needs. No matter how modern the products are, they are still sculpted using traditional techniques, with machine technology playing a minor role.

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For carpentry to develop, Kim Bồng carpenters research and create many fine art products for trade and tourism, aiming to “greenize” the manufacturing process to protect the natural ecosystem.
The village’s craft products are inherently eco-friendly. It now promotes the recycling of wood, and the use of planted wood instead of natural wood to avoid impact on the natural forest ecosystem.
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