The Sacred Dog dance in Nguyên Tiêu Festival, Hội An 2024

Monday - 26/02/2024 15:30

DSC0536(1)Many person join in Nguyen Tieu festival, Hoi An

At the 2024 Nguyên Tiêu Festival in Hội An, in addition to the traditional worshiping, incense offering, and praying for good fortune at the Ông Pagoda, Fujian Assembly Hall; Hội An city arranges a parade through central streets to mark the Festival. The Sacred Dog dance, Unicorn dance, and Dragon dance are among the parade's highlights, drawing a large number of locals and tourists.

DSC0552The Sacred Dog dance

The Hội An people maintain the Sacred Dog dance, a traditional type of folk culture. This is a great asset that should be promoted and spread in Hội An creative city in the future.



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