Hội An's Traditional Crafts Earn National Intangible Heritage Status, Boosting Eco-Tourism and Cultural Preservation

Thursday - 29/02/2024 15:56

Delve into the recent honor bestowed upon Hội An's traditional crafts - hammock weaving and house construction - as national intangible heritage. Learn how this recognition is poised to breathe new life into community-based tourism in Vietnam.



Hội An's Traditional Crafts Earn National Intangible Heritage Status, Boosting Eco-Tourism and Cultural Preservation

In the heart of Vietnam, the ancient town of Hội An shines a little brighter today. Two of its revered traditional crafts, hammock weaving from tree bark strings and constructing houses from bamboo and nipa palm, have recently been honored as national intangible heritage. This accolade not only celebrates the unique cultural identity of Hội An but also promises to invigorate community-based tourism in the picturesque Tân Hiệp and Cẩm Thanh communes.

A Tale of Two Crafts

The story of Hội An's hammock weaving is as rich and woven as the hammocks themselves. Originating from the Chàm Islands, this craft involves the delicate art of twisting ngô đồng bark tree (Firmiana colorata) strings into sturdy, eco-friendly hammocks. What makes this craft particularly special is its artisans - some of whom are aged between 75 and 85, embodying decades of tradition and expertise. This unique eco-tourism experience, part of the Chàm Islands-Hội An world biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO in 2009, draws in around 400,000 tourists annually, eager to witness this intertwining of nature and culture.

Meanwhile, Cẩm Thanh Commune offers a different yet equally mesmerizing craft: the making of houses from bamboo and nipa palm. This craft not only showcases the ingenuity and sustainability of traditional Vietnamese architecture but also plays a crucial role in preserving the region’s delicate ecological system. The local community's efforts in promoting sustainable, recyclable bamboo products have transformed Cẩm Thanh into a hub of eco-tourism, where visitors can immerse themselves in the verdant tranquility of Vietnam's countryside.

Preserving Heritage, Promoting Tourism

Hội An's recent recognition for its traditional crafts underscores the town's unwavering commitment to heritage preservation. With already six national heritage certificates under its belt and a proud member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in the Crafts and Folk Art category, Hội An stands as a beacon of cultural preservation. This recognition not only honors the artisans and their crafts but also enhances the town’s reputation as a UNESCO world heritage site, alongside the Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary.

The impact of this recognition extends beyond the accolades. It serves as a vital step in promoting community-based tourism, offering visitors a chance to explore Hội An’s rich cultural tapestry through more sustainable and immersive experiences. By spotlighting these crafts, Hội An hopes to attract a new wave of eco-conscious travelers, eager to experience the town’s vibrant culture and contribute to the preservation of its unique heritage.

Looking Forward

As Hội An celebrates this new chapter in its storied history, the town looks ahead to a future where tradition and tourism walk hand in hand. The recognition of its traditional crafts as national intangible heritage is not just a nod to the past but a beacon for the future. It is a testament to the town’s dedication to safeguarding its cultural identity while embracing the possibilities of eco-tourism and sustainable development.

The road ahead is promising. With the world becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable travel, Hội An is positioned to lead by example. Through the preservation of its traditional crafts and the promotion of community-based tourism, Hội An is weaving a future where culture, community, and conservation are intricately linked, promising a richer, more sustainable tourism experience for generations to come.



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