Viet Nam won one of the 6 overall prizes in the International Choir Competition.

Friday - 08/04/2011 11:10

After 4 days excited competing at 6 choir categories, the 1st Viet Nam International Choir Festival and Competition came to end with 6 overall prizes, in which the 1st prize of mixed choirs category was given to National University of Art Education Choir (Viet Nam). The champion of this competition “ Hoi An Choir Prize” was awarded to Diponegoro University Choir (Indonesia).


After closing ceremony organised by Quang Nam provincial authority, over 1000 artists, volunteers enjoyed gala dinner, took part in “Earth Hour” – responding enviromental protection, lowered illuminations and garlands to commemorate victims of earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Mr Thomas Schuele, representative of Interkultur – cooperated to Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, People Committee of Quang Nam province, said that, the International Choir Festival in Hoi An will be organized once in 2 years. Hence, the 2nd International Choir Festival and Competition in Hoi An will be held in 2013.
Translated by Thanh Nga  TTVH-TT

Source: www.thrillist.com


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