Folkloric sounds at the Competition Hall

Tuesday - 22/03/2011 10:58

Ten choirs were competing in the Folklore category yesterday evening in Hoi An. Although it’s getting warmer and it hardly rains, the competition couldn’t be held on the Open Air Stage as planned, but had to be in the Competition Hall at Hoi An Beach Resort, whe-re all other competitions are taking place, too.


Many visitors f-rom Hoi An as well as some European tourists had come to see the colourful costumes and to hear the traditional singing of the competition choirs. Apart f-rom eight international groups two Vietnamese choirs were participating, too, and certainly, they were cheered and encouraged by the audience the loudest.

Besides, there was one choir particularly cute: Vietnam Children Choir Sol Art. The little boys and girls in gold and pink dresses captivated all those present at first sight. Even before the results of the competitions are confirmed, they were able to win the people’s hearts.

Today, all competitions are over. As always, see photos of the choirs’ performances on flickr.
What is waiting for singers tonight at the Hoi An Full Moon Festival, who will be singing for the Hoi An Choir Prize tomorrow and what the results of the competitions are – read more here soon!

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