The Perfect Daytrip Itinerary To Hoi An, Vietnam

Monday - 20/07/2020 23:01

Hoi An is a city in Vietnam's central coast, which is famous for its well preserved ancient town with Thu Bon River runs through it. The architectures of this heritage site are under the influences of many foreign culture and its original form is still beautifully remained until these days. In this blog we will show you 10 activities you can do during your daytrip to Hoi An!

Faifo Cafe

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Da Nang and Hoi An are so near that it only took us 30 minutes to get us from one place to another. The first thing on our mind the moment we got here was to get our morrning caffeine dose fixed. I have a few cafes on the list but eventually we decided to visit Faifo Cafe for its popular rooftop that gives a really good view of Hoi An streets.


We were happy to be welcomed with empty streets however Faifo Cafe was looking completely opposite. All 3 levels of the cafe were all filled up with people and we were lucky to get a small table. 

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(from right) Hot latte, traditional Vietnam Coffee, passionfruit tart. 

Hoi An Streets Full Of Lanterns

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One thing you will notice in Hoi An Ancient Town is that lanterns are everywhere. Hoi An silk lanterns are all handmade into differents shapes and colours. You can find them hanging as decorations in almost all the streets and infront of the shophouses, or in souvenir shops where small lanterns are produced as keychains or gifts.


In the afternoon when the sunlight is sharp, you will find many 'polkadot' shadows from the lanterns which is really an interesting sight to see. 

Hoi An Unique-Looking Shophouses

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Hoi An ancient town is full of cute-looking yellow houses. It was so interesting to walk around rows after tows of yellow shophouses and lantern make it such a quirky and adorable place to explore. 

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Cafe Hopping To Escape Hoi An's Heat

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Hoi An's heat can be unbearable. The sun turns really harsh after 10 in the morning. There are many cafes to explore in this town and we highly recommend Hoi An Roastery. We had our lunch there and it was delicious!


There are a few stalls selling cold desserts and you can enjoy the local way by eating it on the street. Also, they are really really cheap as compared to the cafe food.

Phuc Kian Assembly Hall

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Phuc Kian Assembly Hall is a World Cultural Heritage site and it serves as a place where people from Fujian, China can come together and socialize. There is a temple behind the gate which honours 3 sea goddesses, who are believed to protect and bless the safety of boatmen.

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Tam Quan Chua Ba Mu

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 Mu Temple is an ancient temple built in 1626 and it is known as Midwife Temple among the locals. The temple is dedicated to a goddess and 12 midwives who help mothers to give birth and protect them from evils.


The gate of this temple is known as Tam Quan gate, is a classic example of Vietnamese architecture which can be commonly found in temples or pagodas. 

Sunday In Hoi An

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Can you believe this cute spot is hidden in a lifestyle store? Sunday in Hoi An is a local brand that sells home decorations to random fashion items which are all in minimalist design. The store is simply gorgeous with all items neatly arranged. This 'Hoi An vibes only' photo spot is behind the store and is visible when you walk past the shop.


The staffs are very friendly that even if you did not purchase any items from the store, they still allow you to take photos here for free.


There are two outlets in old town and both sells different products and I recommend you to visit both!

An Bang Beach

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You can do swimming, paddle-boarding, and surfing here but we decided not to get ourselves wet as we still need to head back to old town for the night lights. There are a lot of restaurants options along the beach and they offer sunbed rentals with a small charge. However it is free if you dine in their restaurant.


We brought our own Tesalate beach towel so we saved on a few bucks from renting sunbed. 

Boat Riding In Hoi An Ancient Town

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Hoi An boat ride is an unmissable experience. You can rent a boat with price as low as SGD5 for a short 20 minutes ride. Late evening is the best timing to get on the boat because river will be filled with colours reflected from sunset hues and lights from town.

You can also purchase river lanterns and release them on the water. 

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Hoi An Night Lights

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After out boatride, we return to the old town street to experience the enchating lantern lights. The town has completely different vibes at night and the lanterns added so much colours to the town.


One lantern usually costs around 600-800VD however price is negotiable. Some may ask you to pay a small fee if you take photo with their lanterns without buying. 



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