Hoi An tops Best Cities in Asia 2020 poll

Monday - 13/07/2020 17:39

Located in the central province of Quang Nam, the ancient city of Hoi An leads a list of the Top 15 cities in Asia as voted on by readers of US travel website Travel + Leisure.

s 1 NFEA
The results of the World's Best Awards survey have recently been announced after the participation of a large number of readers worldwide as they vote for their best cities. The latest victory for the Vietnamese city marks the second consecutive year that Hoi An tops the list, with travelers voicing their appreciation for its eclectic architecture, energetic nightlife, and flowing canals. (Photo: Gallo Images/ Getty Images)
s 2 IPXP
Finishing behind Hoi An is Chiang Mai in the northern region of Thailand. (Photo: Courtesy of Tourism Authority of Thailand)
s 3 SBDA
Kyoto in Japan completes the three top cities in Asia according to Travel + Leisure’s poll. (Photo: Stockphoto/ Getty Images)
s 4 NIOM
A number of popular destinations such as Udaipur in India have returned to this year’s list. (Photo: Courtesy of Ministry of Tourism, India)
s 5 2 UWUM
Situated in neighbouring Laos, Luang Prabang comes fifth. (Photo: Getty Images)
s 6 UXTV
Ubud in Indonesia claims sixth position. (Photo: Getty Images)
s 7 RKLH
Bangkok is the second Thai city to make the list. (Photo: Courtesy of Tourism Authority of Thailand)
s 8 FWQZ
Jaipur in India finishes eighth among the compilation of the leading 15 Asian cities. (Photo: Courtesy of Ministry of Tourism, India)
s 9 IYTP
The Japanese capital of Tokyo ranks ninth. (Photo: Getty Images)
s 10 TDOG
Tourist hub Siem Reap in Cambodia makes up the list’s top 10 Asian cities. (Photo: Getty Images)
s 11 KCLY
Elsewhere, Singapore comes in 11th position. (Photo: Courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board)
s 12 DRFG
Kolkata in India claims 12th place. (Photo: Courtesy of Ministry of Tourism, India)
s 13 RVSQ
Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea, is in 13th position. (Photo: Getty Images)
s 14 TNZB
Taipei in Taiwan (China) comes in 14th place. (Photo: Courtesy of Taiwan Tourism Bureau)
s 15 GUPC
Hong Kong (China) captures 15th place, a true testament to its resilience and enduring appeal. (Photo: Getty Images)


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