Beauty of Hoi An in summer

Thursday - 09/07/2020 17:47

Visiting Hoi An in summer with blue sky, brilliant sunshine, the red of lesser bougainvillea and the brown of ancient houses is an unforgettable experience.

Summer in Hoi An begins in June. The yellow walls under green foliage, visible against the blue sky make Hoi An more impressive. The city seems to be more bustling with visitors’ footsteps, birds and cicada songs. Photo: zingnews
Hoi An in summer appears to be more dynamic and energetic. So it encourages visitors to explore everywhere in the city, tasting as many specialties as possible and enjoying the fresh atmosphere there. Photo: zingnews
The brown colour of tile roofs which are in range makes the sense of peacefulness and relaxation. Photo: zingnews
Japanese Bridge is a symbol of Hoi An. So, coming to this UNESCO’s cultural heritage, visitors should contemplate this site. The bridge is also considered the soul of the city, carrying the local residents’ spiritual values, hence Chùa Cầu (Bridge Pagoda) in local language. Photo: zingnews
Japanese Bridge was built in the 17th century by the Japanese but in Vietnamese style. The bridge has its roof and two passages for travellers having a rest. There is a pagoda on it. Both the pagoda and the bridge are made of wood. Photo: zingnews
Every corner of Hoi An is beautiful. The colour of lesser bougainvillea makes the city more beautiful and charming.  
Hoi An is also beautiful at night. After sunset, the city is brilliant with decorative colourful lanterns along the streets, flower garlands and coloured lanterns on the river. Photo: zingnews
Hoi An decorative lanterns are made of bamboo and silk. Bamboo is used to make the frame which is covered by Ha Dong silk to make a complete lantern. It is also the reason for the brilliant colour of Hoi An lanterns. Photo: zingnews
Visiting Hoi An, visitors should take part in travelling on the river to float flower garlands and coloured lanterns. Photo: zingnews
Though days or nights, Hoi An is still an ideal place for relaxation. Photo: zingnews


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