Hoi An city at night

Tuesday - 29/03/2011 16:12

Hoi An city at night is a fascinating mixture of history, culture, architecture and human life.

In its ancient streets, recognised as World Cultural Heritage, many things have remained intact as precious relics apart f-rom the war-ravaged ones.

Hoi An is a living museum cre-ated and carefully preserved by the city dwellers.

At night it feels like a life form in the fullest sense of the word.



Ancient streets at night


Lanterns light up the Hoai River


Restaurants at the foot of An Hoi bridge


A section for pedestrians


Cau pagoda


A singing lesson


Tourists at coffee shops and restaurants



Visitors enjoy bai choi singing


A street selling lanterns on the other side of An Hoi bridge


An ancient well



A corner so peaceful and quiet



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