Beauty of Dust

Monday - 17/01/2011 07:51

French photographer Etienne Bossot’s exhibition “Beauty of Dust” has just been opened at 36 Tran Phu street (Hoi An city, Quang Nam). In order to help tourists understanding more about the land and people of the ancient town in daily life, works of Hoi An fartherland and habitants through Etienne’s eyes were annotated by late composer Trinh Cong Son’s melody.







Below the picture is the melody f-rom Trinh Cong Son’s Peaceful Field”: On the peaceful field, the sun is brighted and man’s heart is too.

Photographers Etienne told that, during months in Hoi An with his camera, he has dicovered the quiet and ancient beauty of  world cutulral heritage as well as friendly and hospitable people of this land. “ This is the way to meet the local habitants and experience more about the land I am staying” said Etienne.

The exhibition would be lasted till January 17, 2011.


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