Hoi An’s Old Quarter splendid in flower-garland releasing festival

Monday - 21/02/2011 16:55

Thousands of foreign and domestic tourists flocked to Hoi An’s Old Quarter in the Central Coastal Province of Quang Nam on the night of February 16 to join the coloured lantern and flower-garland releasing festival on the Hoai River to pray for happiness and good luck.


This is the second time the festival was held at Hoi An’s Old Quarter on the night of the fifteenth of the first lunar month to promote the image of the old quarter to foreign friends. 


 An engaged couple spending romantic time together among light of coloured lanterns in Hoi An’s Old Quarter




 Two foreign tourists taking commemorative photo at a traditional coloured lantern stall on Nguyen Phuc Tan Street, in Hoi An’s Old Quarter



 A tourist was excited about taking a photo with a cat-shaped lantern on the bank of the Hoai River


 Youths share happiness beside a cat-shaped display, named: “Spring Baskets of the Old Quarter”


 A couple-cat lantern reflected on the Hoai River

 A girl poses beside a flower garlands stall

 Flower garlands on sale sparkling on the bank of the Hoai River

 The Hoai River was splendid with the flower-garland releases

 An Australian couple happy at buying a flower garland

Source: vietnamnews


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