Google Doodles honor Hoi An as the most charming city

Google Doodles honor Hoi An as the most charming city

 11:07 16/07/2019

On July 16, first time Google Doodles honor Hoi An ancient town on homepage Vietnamese Google (Google.com.vn), a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO and the world’s most charming city 2019.

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Hoi An - the most fascinating city of the world 2019

 11:14 11/07/2019

Annually, readers of Travel + Leisure travel magazines share, rate and vote destinations from over the world. This year, Hoi An - the central city of Viet Nam had the highest score in this election.

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Hội An is one of world's best places to explore by bicycle

 08:48 07/06/2019

The global online accommodation reservations provider Agoda has listed the historic town of Hội An as one of the world’s six best places to explore by bicycle.

The Top 10 Cities in Asia

The Top 10 Cities in Asia

 09:42 27/10/2018

These cultural, culinary, and artistic hubs were voted best in the world by T+L readers.

Event information - Hội An New Year Festival

Event information - Hội An New Year Festival

 09:53 18/12/2015

Hội An, where was known as a bustling trading port, was also the place of cultural exchange of many countries around the world. This land has it own way to accept the changes and make them uniques as its traits.
“Hội An New Year Festival” has become a favorite tourism product of tourists as well as the locals.

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Hoi An’s full-moon festival, one of the 25 world’s most amazing experiences

 10:25 19/11/2015

“From our brand new book Best Day on Earth, we’ve picked 25 of the world’s most amazing experiences to fill your day, from dawn till after dark. The list spans incredible destinations across the planet – from Swedish Lapland to the Guatemalan jungle – and covers everything from exploring temples to feasting on street food. We hope it will inspire you to book a ticket, travel somewhere new and have your very own Best Day on Earth”, Rough Guides.

6 diem den ky thu nhat the gioi o viet nam (3)

Six Vietnam’s most interesting destinations in the world

 11:04 07/10/2015

The famous travel guide book publisher, Lonely Planet has listed six Vietnamese sites among the world’s top 500 that every traveler must experience.

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Thai Princess visit Hoi An Ancient Town

 15:56 07/05/2015

During the working trip and visit to Quang Nam province, Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn visited the ancient town of Hoi An – the world cultural heritage and various historical – cultural relics here.

Hội An listed in top hotel destination

Hội An listed in top hotel destination

 08:42 13/11/2014

Global hotel booking site Agoda.com has just released the results of its Travel Smarts study, which looks at destinations with the highest-rated hotels in the world based on nearly 7 million customer reviews. Hội An is ranked 10th.

Hội An city listed in Top 10 World Famous Canals

Hội An city listed in Top 10 World Famous Canals

 09:12 17/09/2014

Canals come in all sorts and sizes, f-rom waterways that connect oceans to small waterways within cities. These cities are often so deeply identified with Venice that people are tempted to compare it with this famous city. In fact, cities all over the world which are known for their canals and waterways have a tendency to be called “The Venice of” their part of the world. But these cities have a c-harm and history of their own and are definitely worth a visit.

Hội An, one of the World's Most Romantic Cities

Hội An, one of the World's Most Romantic Cities

 09:04 15/02/2014

Indiatimes (An Indian magazine) has announced the world’s most romantic city list, including Hội An.

Welcome "Pole to Pole Run Vietnam" to Hội An

Welcome "Pole to Pole Run Vietnam" to Hội An

 10:08 23/12/2012

​“Pole to Pole Run Việt Nam” together they aim to highlight the 40th anniversary of the friendship agreement between Vietnam and Australia. They also hope to raise $275,000 for vital projects in Vietnam through the support of the Australian public-Sponsor Pat today. This marathon run is really a humanitarian event for people all over the world to reduce the numbers of death f-rom shortage of clean water. It is also an inspiration for many people and a motivation for athletes. In addition, It is also a chance to showcase parts of Vietnam TV never seen before and introduce Viet Nam images to Australian as well as international friends.

The World's Rarest Noodles

The World's Rarest Noodles

 08:03 04/06/2011

Second only to rice, noodles are undeniably synonymous with delicious Asian cuisine. Although every diameter, make, and shape of noodle can be found f-rom China to Singapore, not all noodles are cre-ated equal.

First INTERKULTUR choir festival in Vietnam

 11:04 31/12/2010

Big Opening Show on sea stage is being planned