Hội An, one of the World's Most Romantic Cities

Saturday - 15/02/2014 09:04

Indiatimes (An Indian magazine) has announced the world’s most romantic city list, including Hội An.

The peaceful and ancient beauty of Hôi An ancient town
Indiantimes informed that this is a romantic city, suitable for those who are looking for a c-harming destination for traveling, a romantic place for wedding or even a stop for Valentine’s day.
As described about Hội An, “It is a 15th century port town, Hoi An has old world c-harm in abundance and new world attractions in the form of spectacular beaches and resorts fit for sun-worshiping couples.
On the night before the full moon every month, the city turns off every single light and bathes itself in the soft glow of thousands of paper, glass, and silk lanterns in all colors and sizes.
The only thing better than gazing at the face of your lover f-rom across a candlelit table is doing the same by lantern light..” (Indiantimes)

In addition to Hội An, the rest cities of the list are Paris (France), Bora-Bora, Seville (Spain), Tallinn (Estonia); Fes (Morocco); Savannah (Georgia); Fiesole (Italy); Galway, Ireland./.


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