Hoi An city launched “Car Free Day”

Monday - 10/09/2012 14:33

On September 09th, the people’s committee of Hoi An city in cooperation with The action center for urban development celebrated “Car Free Day” and “No Plasic Bag Day” that funded by Irish aid agency ( Ambassy of Irland).

 The launching ceremony of “Car Free day” in Hoi An.

As we know, Hoi An city is not only a city of cultural and natural heritage but also a typical city of Viet nam that reach the success on carying out  the waking town during last 10 years and 3 years for “No Plasic Bag Day” . Therefore, Hoi An is the first place to hororably hold “ Car Free Day” in Viet Nam.
A thousand of Hoi An people joined this activity.
Vice-chair man of the people committee of Hoi An city, Mr Nguyễn Văn Dũng said that “ during the last  few years, Hội An  has had a successful organization on the walking town that make Hoi An a friendly and safe place to Hoi An people and visitors. Reducing smoke and noise f-rom motorized vehicles that helps a lot in increasing the lifespan of ancient houses and make them as a live museum.

Hoi An people exchange plastic bags for environmentally friendly bags.
He also informed that “Car Free Day” will be a meaningful action to widen community awareness on air pollution, that encourages the localities  give priority to walkers, bicylists,..
At this ceremony, the representative of Action center for urban development showed that “ With the mission to raise the standard of living for people in Vietnamese cities, our center contacted the international organization on Car Free Day to propose Hoi An into the list of attendant cities in over the world.
After the launching ceremony, some activities that responsed to “ Car Free Day” and “ No Plastic Bag Day” were taken place inside and outside the ancient town such as: Displaying photos and information aboout these activities at An Hoi sculpture garden, exchange plastic bags for eco-bags at 5 market points. Especially, there was a organization instructing to fold newwspaper-bag at Hoi An market, Painting contest of  fifty pupils with the title “ the safe way school”.

Hoi An people biking to response to “ Car Free Day”.

Car Free Day (CFD) was first launched at La Rosshelle city (France) in 1997, CFD has been developed to a European scale-project, carried out every September 22. Now, it is in “European Mobility Week(EMW)” and has been spread into the world with the attendance of  2.268 cities in 40 countries.
This is an opportunity for the Hoi An city’s leaders, organizations and increase the use of environmentally friendly vehicles, calll for using public transportation, don’t depend much on motorbikes, cars to reduce the influences of human to nature as well as raise the standard of living.



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