The performing arts group of Hoi An city will have a performance in Osan city (Korea)

Thursday - 13/09/2012 16:49

The performing arts group of Hoi An city (Quang Nam Province) is on the way to Korea for the performance to congratulate Osan’s citizens Day. The Day is on Sept 14, 15 in Osan city which is twinned with Quang Nam province.

In addition to the leaders, the group consists of 13 artists that having two performances at Osan stadium with the nine unique items of Quang Nam traditional culture. Those are Black Horse song (Vietnamese central folk music), Nguyệt Cô back to her life of a fox(Vietnamese classical opera), The perfumed beauty of Quảng Nam, Hôi An at a glance, Apsara Dance, Folk Game “Bài Chòi-Bingo Game”, the recital of traditional instruments with Vietnamese and Korean song…


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