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Hội An adjusts the timeframe of the town for walking and non-motorized vehicles

 11:13 18/05/2016

In order to meet the needs of visiting of tourists in the tranquility of the ancient town, the city of Hoi An has implemented a plan to adjust the timeframe of the program “The town for walking and non motorized vehicles. Here is the new timeframe:

Walking route of the ancient town

Walking route of the ancient town

 09:36 01/12/2015

The project "The town for pedestrians and primitive vehicles" was put under test on 24 July 2014, however the idea of an ancient town without motorbike engine noise had been hatched since the 90s of the 20th century when the staff of Hoi An Center for Culture and Sports took a survey about the development of the ancient town to plan for tourism development. "The walking town" has been a tourism brand of Hoi An that not only expand space, but also lengthen the timeframe to meet the needs of tourists.


A new walking street in Hoi An

 11:26 25/11/2015

Hoi An is going to expand the town zone for pedestrians and non-motorised vehicles (aka walking town) at Nguyen Phuc Chu street.

Hoi An turns into a walkabout town

Hoi An turns into a walkabout town

 14:11 13/02/2012

HOI AN, 10 February 2012: Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage town, Hoi An, will turn itself into a pedestrian-only zone to help preserve its heritage and tourism.

‘Ancient Night Town’ of Hoi An

‘Ancient Night Town’ of Hoi An

 08:52 08/02/2011

‘Night in an Ancient Town’ is a unique event that draws people f-rom all over the world to Hoi An.