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Vietnam named among top destinations for solo travel

 18:36 29/12/2020

Vietnam has been listed among the top destinations for solo travel by prestigious global travel websites Lonely Planet, and Travel and Leisure.

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Top 10 Best Activities in Hoi An – Vietnam

 08:33 16/10/2019

Hoi An is a historic city, recognized as “the most charming city in Vietnam” and “the best city in the world 2019” by Travel and Leisure Magazine. It was an old merchant city and a busy commercial port in the 17th and 18th centuries. Hoi An was developed by Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese merchants during its golden years. Nicknamed the City of Lanterns, it dazzles every visitor with the romantic ambiance of its historic yellow houses, picturesque narrow alleys, colorful boats lit by multicolored lanterns and temples. The city is also on the list of the cultural heritage of Unesco, and one of the most visited places in Vietnam.