Travel around Hoi An ancient town on bicycle

Friday - 17/06/2011 08:31

Hoi An - a historical city along Hoai river- is always an interesting destination to tourists. A lot of people come back to Hoi An because of the peacefulness here. Let’s experience peaceful and simple life around here with bicycles. It is really interesting and memorable when you come and stay in the city.


In Hoi An, there is bicycle for rent service to domestic and foreign tourists in any hotel. It is really advantage and safe to travel around Hoi An by bicycles. You can stop any time to take pictures or go shopping. Especially, there are a lot of ancient houses which are combined to a bicycle to got very beautiful pictures.

You can both ride a bicycle and enjoy daily lives of the locals such as bamboo shoulder poles of fruits and flowers, of sweet soups as well as highschool students back home after school. Life here is not so busy and noisy like other cities. Time looks slowly and makes you remember your chilhood.

Coming to Hoi An on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, activities of ancient town take place as everyday; there is one different thing that space of the ancient town becomes more peaceful and quiet with “town for primitive vehicles and pedestrians” on these days. It makes toutists experience the ancient town completely and exactly as it is.


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