Entrance Ticket in Hoi An ancient town

Monday - 07/05/2012 05:08

With a ticket, you will have a chance to discover the ancient beauty of Viet Nam..Old houses, narrow streets, moss-grown walls, lanterns,...are picturesque sights that capture your imagination..

1. Visting Hoi An Ancient Town:
Please get your ticket at any ticket stalls 
- Ticket price: 120.000 VND / person
- With each ticket, you can visit:

  1/ All streets in the ancient town, artistic activities, folk games, night market.
  2/ 5 of the 22 sightseeing places:

* Japanese Covered Bridge, Cẩm Phô  Communal House,  Minh Hương  Communal, House of Tụy Tiên Đường, Quan Công Temple.
* Museums: History and Culture,  Trade Ceramics,  Sa Huỳnh Culture, Folk Culture.
* Old houses: Quân Thắng, Đức An, Phùng Hưng, Trần Family's Chapel, Tấn Ký, Nguyễn Tường Family's Chapel.
* Chinese Assembly Halls: Triều Châu, Quảng Đông, Phúc   Kiến.
* Handicraft workshop and traditional arts performance,  XQ Hội An.
* Ancient tombs of Japanese traders: Mr Gu Sokukun, Mr Tani Yajirobei, Mr Banjiro.

- To enter the ancient town, please keep the counterfoil of your ticket and show it to the ticket controller when you are asked for ticket. Please note that it is valid during your stay in Hoi An.
- To visit the sightseeing places, the ticket is valid for 24 hours.
- Please contact our ticket sellers for tourguide service. Tourguide will be offered free for groups over 08 paxs.

Click for sightseeing map.

2. Visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village:
- Price: 25.000VND / person
- Tourists can visit:
* Artisans shaping utensils
* Xuan My communal house
* Nam Dieu temple of the founder of the potters ( stop of Minh Mang King)
* Making whistles
* Free clay whistle for souvenir 


Source: www.hoianworldheritage.org.vn


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