Entrance Ticket in Hoi An ancient town

MONday - 07/05/2012 05:08

With entrance tickets, you will have a chance to discover the ancient beauty of Viet Nam..Old houses, narrow streets, moss-grown walls, lanterns,...are picturesque sights that capture your imagination..

Visting Hoi An Ancient Town:
Day-time tickets:
- Price: 120.000 VND / person
- Tourists can enjoy:

  1/ All streets in the Ancient Town, artistic activities, folk games, night market.
  2/ 5 of the 22 sightseeing places:

* Japanese Covered Bridge, Cẩm Phô  Communal House,  Minh Hương  Communal, House of Tụy Tiên Đường, Quan Công Temple.
* Museums: History and Culture,  Trade Ceramics,  Sa Huỳnh Culture, Folk Culture.
* Old houses: Quân Thắng, Đức An, Phùng Hưng, Trần Family's Chapel, Tấn Ký, Nguyễn Tường Family's Chapel.
* Chinese Assembly Halls: Triều Châu, Quảng Đông, Phúc   Kiến.
* Handicraft workshop and traditional arts performance,  XQ Hội An.
* Ancient tombs of Japanese traders: Mr Gu Sokukun, Mr Tani Yajirobei, Mr Banjiro.


Note: - Every ticket is valid for 24 hours.
          - Free guide fee for a group of over 08 tourists, Local guides are available at ticket booths.
Visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village:
- Price: 25.000VND / person
- Tourists can visit:
* Artisans shaping utensils
* Xuan My communal house
* Nam Dieu temple of the founder of the potters ( stop of Minh Mang King)
* Making whistles
* Free clay whistle for souvenir 


Source: www.hoianworldheritage.org.vn


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