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Saturday - 25/12/2010 14:14


“Organizing and Managing Tourist Activities in Hoi An”
(Promulgated in accordance with decision numbered 246/QD-UB on 5th August, 1995 by the People’s Committee of Hoi An)
Article 3: Tourists
Tourists understood in this statute are those, be it foreign or Vietnamese coming to Hoi An either independently or on organized travelling programmes for touring or excursion purposes.
3.1 All tourists visiting the old town and its places of interest of Hoi An should buy entrance tickets and be guided by the staff of Hoi An Office of Tourist Services.
3.2 Organizations sending grouped tourists to Hoi An should sign contracts with Hoi An Office of Tourist Services or directly get entrance ticket at fixed ticket stalls in town.
3.3 Tourists should follow the tours having been contracted or be guided by the local tourist guides.
3.4 Tourists should observe the local regulations on city hygiene, civilized lifestyle, security and order, etc.
3.5 Tourists should observe the regulations at the places of interest they are visiting.  


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