Refreshments in Hoi An

Wednesday - 21/04/2021 02:40

Hoi An is always attractive to visitors thanks to its beautiful landscape and especially tasty food described below.


Lan Ngup Chang Muon
Lotus leaf tea is a popular drink in Hoi An. Its flavour is a combination of green tea and lotus. Lotus leaf tea is both delicious and eye-catching. Ảnh: Instagram's gausquare
Grilled meat rolls Is really regrettable to ignore this street food in Hoi An. Grilled meat rolls are always pleasing those who enjoy it. Photo: Instagram's _monsieurnguyen
Tofu is a familiar refreshment to Vietnamese but in Hoi An it has different flavour compared tofu in other places. Photo: Instagram's summer_meichan
Cloud nine cake is colourful and eye-catching, so visitors to Hoi An is rather curious about it. Most of them are very satisfied when tasting the cheap cake. Photo: Instagram's trangyuyu
Tube ice-cream is also popular with visitors to Hoi An because it is eye-catching, delicious and cheap. Photo: Instagram's imnam22
Chi ma phu (Black sesame soup) has a special flavour that is attractive to visitors. As its name, the main ingredient of Chi ma phu is black sesame. It is enjoyed with the first water of coconut juice. Photo: Instagram's limzim_tinhdaulaurentseverac
Lan Ngup Chang Muon 01
Corn sweet soup is great thanks to its corn flavour. Let enjoy and feel it. Photo: Instagram's doan)
Shrimp or crab cake is made from corn and shrimps or crabs. It is very delicious and poplar with visitors. Photo: Instagram's ashavgpl
Bloating Fern-shaped cake is a specialty of Quang Nam province. Its flavour is different from the cake in other places. Bloating Fern-shaped cakes are made from crayfish and rice flour. It is the crayfish that makes the red colour of the sauce extremely attractive. 


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