Hoi An: the heaven of Vietnamese cuisine

Wednesday - 23/05/2018 14:30

Hoi An now becomes the new capital of Vietnamese cuisine when more and more world-renowned culinary experts work here.

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Except the UNESCO world cultural heritage- the ancient quarter, cuisine is considered as an original artistic feature that visitors to Hoi An wish to enjoy and experience. Cao lau, Quang noodle, rice with chicken, banh dap (a dish of steamed and baked rice papers), mussels fried without water, thin cakes, sweetened porridge made of maize, and bread are visitors’ favourite dishes when they come to Hoi An.

Hoi An used to be a famous seaport where the Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, French, etc. made their home. The culinary culture here is an interference of several different cuisines. So, the dishes in Hoi An are easy for foreigners to accept. For example, Chairman of the World Association of Chefs' Societies Thomas A. Gugler is really interested in Cao Lau because it brings cultural features of several countries on earth. The noodles are similar to Japanese Udon noodles. The meat has a taste that is very similar to the Chinese one. The flavour of this dish is made more delicious with the vegetables taken from Tra Que village (Hoi An city).

Another dish that is also attractive to visitors to Hoi An is bread. The flavour of Hoi An bread is a mixture of French and Vietnamese taste; so it becomes a typical dish in Hoi An city.

It is the richness of cuisine that has helped Hoi An become the host city for the annual World Chef Contest. It can be said that cuisine is one of Hoi An’s advantages to introduce and promote tourism.

Cuisine is always accompanying tourism activities in Hoi An. So, Hoi An is focusing on the development of culinary culture, making it become a unique tourism product. The Hoi An’s Chefs Association will also be founded soon to make a close circle from the producer to the kitchen. On the one hand, it can help ensure food safety for consumers. On the other hand, it contributes to dealing with fishery and agricultural output. Hopefully, Hoi An’s efforts will make its cuisine more famous, and there are more and more visitors to Hoi An to enjoy the food here.



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