“Going to the field festival” - Cẩm Châu 2024

Wednesday - 27/12/2023 14:56

“Going to the Field Festival” - Cẩm Châu 2024 will be held to create an exciting atmosphere among all farmers before the new crop, which promises a bumper harvest. This is also an opportunity for farmers to exchange and share wet rice cultivation experiences so that they can harvest higher rice yields with better quality in the new crop, as well as execute and achieve results for the Winter-Spring crop in 2023-2024. At the same time, it aims to preserve and promote the intangible cultural values of the traditional profession of wet rice cultivation, as well as motivate and encourage farmers to raise awareness of the preservation of the traditional profession and the promotion of national culture.

xuong dong
Besides, this festival contributes to promoting and introducing traditional wet rice agriculture in Hội An city in general and Cẩm Châu ward in particular to tourists, as well as creating an additional green tourism product.
* Time and Venue:
-  Time: 6:30 - 11:30, January 2, 2024
-  Venue: Vegetable village, An Mỹ block
* Activities:
                   - Demonstration of field-plowing with buffalos
- Demonstration of tractors and water-slapping with long-handle bailers
                   - Contest “Be a Farmer”
                   - Experiential activities for visitors
                   - Food booths “Farmer delicacies”
There are also many additional activities, such as the Worshiping ceremony, the Launching of agricultural production by the Ward People's Committee leaders; Agricultural material support for farmers representing 9 production areas, tree-planting, etc.
For further information, please contact: the People's Committee of Cẩm Châu ward, Hội An city
Address: 456 Cửa Đại str.
Phone: 0905192701 (Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Hồng - Chairman of the Ward People's Committee) or 0912992919 (Mr. Phan Thanh Dũng - Vice Chairman of the Ward People's Committee)


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