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Saturday - 15/01/2011 14:28

Hoi An one of the city have three major rivers that is Thu Bon river, Truong Giang river and Đe Vong river and with a mangrove forest of coconut water is a wonderful destination.


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The mangrove forests Bay Mau coconut forest 5 km to the East of Hoi An city (2 and 3 village, Cam Thanh commune) is surrounded by water. It was a revolutionary base in the resistance and is one of the core zone of biosphere reserves world Hoi An - Cham Island. Mr Tran Bua revolutionary cadres in the 2 villages , said: "We held a local guerrilla forces raid to defeat many of the enemy." It had been "white plow" but with vitality "white plow" but with vitality, the tops are cut coconut green movement grows up. Sometimes, in the asymmetries, but the guerrilla force has relied on coconut forests cause more damage to the enemy. After the Geneva Agreement, difficult period of revolution, the Bay Mau coconut forest became a place of shelter, refuge to many officials of the Hoi An Revolutionary Committee and Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee. 1964 Cam thanh’s people fought face civil defense station, catch a platoon compact insurgents and many more evil and declaring liberation Cam Thanh commune.

Ms. Vo Thi Hoa, a former guerrilla cadres Cam Thanh, recalls: "After 1965, along the two lines of coconut forest system is underground tanks, road obstacles, trench system, the barrier layer is construction yards against interlaced with bamboo tunnel to halt their advance against the enemy in the liberation. " To destroy the base, the U.S. - held disguise attacked several times, including toxic chemicals to the forest bare, coconut leaves. But despite all the tricks, this base is still causing much damage to the enemy. Coconut forest has really become a safe haven, whe-re conservation of the revolutionary forces of Hoi An and a springboard for our troops invaded the Hoi An which makes the win loose.

Bay Mau coconut forest is not only a monument has special historical value, it is also a unique ecological area with water flooded forests c-harming landscapes. Nowaday it have been narrowed to only 58ha of forest, but coconut is still a rare feature in wetland. Hoi An Director of Management Center Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung said that "The city has proposed to recognize these relics and management plan, strict conservation. This is whe-re conservation of biodiversity with many unique and rare. " 

In here, with seagrass ecosystems. This is also a place of many marine species of value, especially shrimp, crab and molluscs. Last year, UNESCO has recognized Hoi An- Cham Island is a biosphere reserve in the world. Including this area.

Tourists have discovered the ecosystem of the flooded palm forest, baskets boating, cycling, fishing or just participate in the coconut forest garbage collection, contributing to environmental protection. Hoi An Head of Trade - Tourism Ms. Dinh Thi Thu Thuy “In recent years, some businesses have organized tour operators to discover this palm forest. The problem is the management of monuments and tourist operators to ensure consistent principles“

Source: VNA


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