It is peacefulness that makes Hoi An develop

Friday - 04/03/2011 09:45

The Central City of Hoi An, popular for its old quarters and peacefulness, is the pride of the Quang Nam Province’s people, in particular, and of the country, in general. However, it is a concern that such a world’s heritage will be exploited positively and preserved sustainably and suitably in association with socio-economic development.


PANO has interviewed Mr. Nguyen Su, Secretary of Hoi An City’s Party Committee, about this concern.

- You have been re-elected Hoi An City’s Secretary of the Party Committee. What was the first thought of Hoi An coming into your mind?

- I wish that the living standard for Hoi An citizens will improve while Hoi An remains as it has always been.

Our goal is to build Hoi An as an ecological, cultural and tourism city.

As you might know, Hoi An’s traditions came into existence 500 years ago. It used to be a trade city which witnessed the exchanges of cultures f-rom all over the world. Through those exchanges, Hoi An’s citizens had se-lected the best one and then improved them to become their own’s identity.

How younger generations in Hoi An City could keep exchanging with international friends while their culture, deep in their soul, is not faded, is among our concerns. We are determined to build a cultural city f-rom Hoi An’s people’s soul and manner, not f-rom signboards.

To build an ecological Hoi An City, the old quarters of Hoi An will remain the centre that will be kept intact. Besides, by 2030, Hoi An City will be in a park. In order to realise this, we have to plant as many green trees as possible, and in many places.

- Can you be more specific about the City’s goal?

- We will cre-ate spaces suitable for an ecological city. The first thing we think of is what should not be built on an empty area, not what should be built. Give Hoi An a living space!

It is not a must to put villages in streets. However, spaces with green trees must appear there. A lake or a small space for planting flowers or vegetables will be seriously planned. Drastic measures will be taken to bring fresh air back to Hoi An City.

Over three years now, almost green trees have been planted in the City. Our campaign of planting trees have received great support f-rom businesses and local people. For example, each business with investment in Hoi An City is responsible for planting trees. As a result, more and more tourists will visit green Hoi An City and businesses will benefit f-rom that.

This year alone, around 500,000 trees will be planted in the city.

With these efforts, Hoi An as an ecological city in the near future will become a reality.

- Along with economic development, cultural activities seem to be commercialised. Which adjustments should be applied to preserve spiritual and traditional spaces?

- Development has both negative and positive sides. The issue is how the manager could recognise them and work out adjustments with the awareness of local people.

Hoi An City adopts peacefulness as a way for its development. It is peacefulness that cre-ates Hoi An City and attracts more tourists here. More and more people choosing Hoi An City as one of their stops in Vietnam thanks to Hoi An’s peacefulness, and it is the cultural identity of Hoi An that encourages them to visit Hoi An many times.

Hoi An has been known as a city of relaxation, so that visitors could find their own “down-time” after long days of being busy with work.

It is said that culture is something the calmest. Money does not grow f-rom culture, but peope can earn money f-rom their culture. In fact, several people have made use of culture to earn money, causing a threat to morality and cultural awareness.

Moreover, some people have abused festivals. During two years now, we have tried our best to bring back the true meaning of festivals, so that tourists will be entertained by the real festivals in Hoi An City. Those festivals really belong to people who are spectators and actors, while managers act as instructors.

- Thank you very much!

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