Free swimming school for kids in Hoi An

Monday - 06/06/2011 08:02

There is no one in Hoi An City in Quang Nam Province who doesn’t know Joanne Stewart’s freeswimming school for kids.


When she first came to Hoi An three years ago, Ms Stewart found out the shocking drowning rates of local children and thus she started her own swimming school. Despite starting with only two teachers and 300 students, her school has now expanded to 15 teachers and more than 1500 students.

Children participate in free swimming lessons in Furama Resort Danang - Photo: Thanh Hai

Children who join her swimming school will be provided with full swimming equipment and have 20 swimming lessons.

When asked about Ms Stewart’s swimming school, Nguyen Duc Thanh f-rom the Office of Education of Hoi An, said: “Without Joanne, we would face a lot of difficulties operating a swimming school because there are many other factors involved.

“We are currently trying to rent swimming pools for swimming classes f-rom local businesses but have been declined. If both sides can find a way to compromise, this action will receive huge support f-rom the community and we can expand.”

Children’s safety is of paramount importance in Hoi An and many organizations have started to help out and sponsor swimming lessons.

The Palm Garden Resort, Hoi An has always supported Swim Vietnam organization. Recently, the Montgomerie Links in Danang City held a c-harity golf tournament Swing to Swim, with the money being given to the drowning prevention program in Vietnam. The Furama Resort Danang has also started operating SwimSafe, a free swimming program for children in the Southeast Asia area.


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