Moonlit manoeuvres through Hoi An, Vietnam

Moonlit manoeuvres through Hoi An, Vietnam

 16:04 23/07/2019

Once a month, on the eve of the full moon, downtown Hoi An turns off all its street lights and basks in the mellow glow of silk lanterns. Shopkeepers don traditional outfits; parades, folk opera and martial arts demonstrations flood the cobbled streets; and the riverside fills with stalls selling crabmeat parcels, beanpaste cakes and noodle soup. It’s all done for tourists of course - and some find it cloyingly self-conscious - but nevertheless this historic little central Vietnam town oozes charm, with the monthly Full Moon Festival just part of its appeal.

Nguyen Tieu Festival - Há»™i An 2017

 10:06 10/02/2017

Nguyen Tieu festival is held on the fisrt full moon day of the lunar new year which has many spiritual meanings to the people of Há»™i An. It is an opportunity for the local people to express their respect to the ancestors and pray for a peaceful and prosperous new year. This day is also considered as a blessing days when the gods come to bless all the people. With such belief, the people of Há»™i An always celebrate worshipping ceremony and decorate their house on this occasion.

1st Vietnam International Choir Festival & Competition - Hoi An 2011

 10:56 31/12/2010

March 16 - 20, 2011. Hoi An City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam