Event release "The 10th Hoi An - Japan festival 2012”

Thursday - 05/07/2012 07:34

The event “Hoi An–Japan Festival” is periodically organized in the Hoi An Ancient town every August. This year 2012, “the Hoi An–Japan Festival X” f-rom 24 to 26 August forms part of the activities of the National Tourism Year “Heritage Tourism 2012” .

The Event’s opening in the evening of 24 August, 2012 at the Song Hoai square consists of the performances of the Japanese traditional drums, folk dances and songs by the famous Japanese singers, and the Hoi An folk performances.
The gala evening of 25 August at the Song Hoai square is participated by well-known singers and bands f-rom Japan: DJ Samurai, the Gypsy Queen band, and others.
The Event’s closing built with the street arts as fashion shows, professional Vietnamese and Japanse performances, as well as public dancing, singing… is held in the evening of 26 August, 2012 at the area close to the Japanese Bridge.
Furthermore, various diverse and unique activities of culture-art-sport are daily held as: folk games, children games, the bookcases of Japanese animated cartoons and shows of Oscar-prized Japanese animated films, introduction of Japanese and Quang Nam gastronomy, photographing with Yukata, Origami, Tourism and Craft Fair, opening the tour “Japanese old traces”
Also on this occasion, Hoi An city organizes the Hoi An Legendary night f-rom 16:00 – 21:30, 30 August 2012 to respond to the National Tourism Year “Heritage Tourism 2012”. The Rite of freeing fishes and birds & floating lanterns down will be held at the An Hoi sculptures garden at 16:00, and the Night of Filial devotion “Rose on your shirt” at 19:00 adding to the activities periodically held in Hoi An Legendary nights.
Please contact us:
Standing office: Hoi An city Center for Culture and Sports
Address: Song Hoai square – Hoi An city.
Email: ttvhtt@dng.vnn.vn. Telephone: (+84) 0510.3861327          
Website: www.hoianworldheritage.org.vn www.hoianancienttown.vn
Hoi An city, June 2012

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