Diep Dong Nguyen Old House

Tuesday - 31/07/2012 09:58

This house was built in the late 19 century. The ancestors of the owner is a U.S. trader. In particular, the interior decoration were an combination of Vietnames, Chinese and Japanese style.

According to the genealogy is stored in the Diep Dong Nguyen, Ngo Xuan Diep Diep first of them is f-rom Gia Application-Guangdong (China) to Hoi An at Thanh Phong Ham (1856). With job hereditary medicine, he formed the first property for the family at Tran Phu (Quang Nam Hoi An) to store medicine called Dong Xuan Diep.

Later, his children have kept the business and further develop a store at 80 Nguyen Thai Hoc house. F-rom north pharmacy sells the complete menu of high canopy called Second Heaven, shop gradually expanded to become an agent for Shell oil company, trading in silk brocade clothing, books for students, the national language policy for women ... So far the Hoi An Diep they lived here five generations. Besides trade, there are interesting people they Ye antique collecting and saved for later descendants.

A special museum
This house was built in the late 19th century. The ground floor has a glass case along the wall pressure, which mainly represent different dishes, porcelain. Ceramics are diverse in type and age, due to the death before collecting their Diep f-rom Vietnam and China.

Some old photos of Hoi An in the costumes, formal presentation in the area. It kept the stock images and materials on Hoi An was taken primarily f-rom 1920 to 1950-1960.

Inside is a showcase collection of coins. There are relatively full range of pre-Vietnam and China over many dynasties, and some money in Japan. Currency is Vietnam's oldest Thai Binh Hung Bao (Dinh dynasty). In particular, the collection has the same function for the notice of that world for a collection of rare antiques. This collection has been arranged and classified into two tables "Calendar modern coins" Vietnam and China in the annals of history for the viewer to understand, easy to find.

On China's currency is the currency f-rom the time trade - India, the Western Han enemy contingent money, money, Tan Wang Mang period and currency of the other dynasties such as Tang Dynasty, Nguyen, Minh, Thanh, Dan National ... In addition, the collection also includes money through insurance of Vinh Drilling of Japan, the presence of this money has helped clarify the relationship of Japanese trade in Hoi An in the world century before.

Diep Dong Nguyen at the neck preserved collections is equally as valuable collections of the same Quality, per lime, wood furniture, clothes and "a treasure" Hoi file photo taken on all primarily f-rom the 1920s to the years 1950 to 1960. In the future, if favorable, "private museum" Diep Dong Nguyen will open displaying the collection to visitors, professionals have the same reference conditions, and admire.
The story of the employer

Mr. Sung said many antiques items in collections storage family is introduced full details on the catalog item for many countries or almost unique in the world only collecting antiques in the world .

Mr. Sung and his brother-he Vinh Tan has spent his life preserving and understanding of antiques. Until now for them to detect the age of the antique nothing difficult. Largest floods in Hoi An in 1964 did a lot of urban housing stock was damaged, but the Diep Dong Nguyen is only slightly affected because of the way things under very carefully. Previously, these artifacts are stored in the repository. When Hoi An has many tourists, he was brought to the arrangement, presented in a glass case to look to see who likes it.

80 Nguyen Thai Hoc house looks simple, feel anyone can break into, but many years had never happened losses. Each year a few times, Mr. Sung for cleaning glass and map display. Every day, the stock Diep Dong Nguyen again open to visitors on foot d-rop: no ticket, no keepers, you can look at and touch ... It is a kind beauty makes An appeal of the Association.


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