Event information “Hội An lantern festival” & “Hội An new year festival 2022”

Thursday - 09/12/2021 14:15

The year 2021, a harsh and challenging year, is gradually coming to a conclusion. This is likely to be a year that evokes a wide range of feelings in everyone. In particular, Hội An city has been experiencing ups and downs, with residents working together to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic while also focusing on tourism recovery and socioeconomic development.

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To celebrate the impending New Year, create a fresh ambiance for the city, and re-light the space of the ancient town and surrounding areas; Hội An city will host a series of events called “Hội An Lantern Festival” and “Hội An New Year Festival” with a variety of new and exciting activities.  
From the beginning of November 2021, the city began the contest “Creating ideas and making art lanterns” in the series of events “Hội An Lantern Festival” with the theme “Joining hands to light up Hội An” to create a playground for all those who love Hội An and love lantern making in Hội An. During the lantern display period, which runs from December 24, 2021 to February 15, 2022; the ancient town will become brilliant and full of romance with lanterns and many cultural and artistic activities every night. Especially, at 7 p.m. on December 24, 2021, at An Hội bridge, the Opening ceremony “Hội An Lantern Festival 2022” will be held with enticing performances, traditional art performance “Night on Hoài river”, and the stage which is decorated with lanterns bearing the features of Hội An culture. This is a new product that will be released to the public for the first time on this special occasion. 
From December 24, 2021 to January 2, 2022; the activity “Hội An farmers market” will be held on Nguyễn Phúc Chu street with handicrafts, OCOP products, recycled products, and unique handmade products; along with many other special activities such as “Lighting up Hội An Memories” on Hội An Memories Land, “Christmas and New Year Festival 2022” at Tân Thành fishing village, Wishing lantern tree, Lantern making, Calligraphy, Photo exhibition “To the heritage land”, etc.
The program “Hội An New Year Festival 2022” will be held on the night of December 31, 2021, to connect locals and visitors, enjoy exciting art performances together, send each other the best wishes for a prosperous new year, and countdown to the new year.
At 9 a.m. on January 1, 2022, at Hội An Communal House (Ông Voi Communal House at 27 Lê Lợi street), the city will host the program “Welcome the first tourist group to Hội An Ancient Town in 2022” as a way to express the hospitality and profound gratitude for visitors’ affection for Hội An.
With the enthusiastic response of the locals, all activities are carefully and safely prepared by the city to ensure the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic. We all believe that Hội An will come back at full strength and new colors; bring new experiences, attractive events and festivals; and mark the turning point of tourism in the new period. 
For more information, please contact:
Hội An Center for Culture, Sports, Radio and Television
Add.: 1 Cao Hồng Lãnh st., Hội An city
Tel.: 0235.3861.327 or 0935.006.643 (Mr. Nguyên Vũ)
Email: ttvhtt@dng.vnn.vn; Fanpage: Visit Hoi An
Website: www.HoiAnWorldHeritage.org.vn


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