A review for Hoian’s socio-economic of 2016

Tuesday - 21/02/2017 11:12

1. Economy:
In 2016, GO (the gross output) of the city reached 7423.129 billion dong, increasing 12.9% compared to 2015.
Per capita income reached 36.78 million dong, increasing 3.8 million compared to 2015; which urban areas reached 39.24 million and rural areas reached 28.88 million.
Tourism-services and commerce sector grew strongly with GO of 5182.659 billion, reaching 105.36% compared to the expected number, an increase of 15.49% compared  to 2015.
The city of Hội An has actively built and developed new tourism products based on regional strength: biking tour, An My village tour, walking underwater tour, marine sports in Cham Island. Tourism infrastructure (parking lots, rest stops and public toilets) continues to be invested; progress of the expansion plan of An Bang beach is pushed up; infrastructure for Cua Dai port and Cham Island is improved.
In 2016, the city welcomed 2,624 million visitors, up 17.92% compared to 2015; visitors buying entrance tickets reached 1,573,739 turns, increasing 34.14%; revenue reached 172.5 billion- an increase of more than 36%.
Commercial activities developed stably, total revenue reached more than 630 billion dong – increasing 6.1%.
The gross output of industry, small industry - handicraft and construction industry grow quite strongly, reached 1632.595 billion dong - 96.67%, an increase of 9.23% compared to 2015.
In the field of argriculture, fishery and forestry remained stably, GO reached 607,875 billion dong, increasing 2.49% compared to 2015
 2. Culture – society:
In 2016, the city did pay attention to cultural and information activities and achieved many positive results. A range of events, festivals, art performances, exhibitions were held thoughtfully and creatively that helps promoting and  attracting visitors to the city, improve the  people’s cultural life. The city has planned 3 projects: The inside beauty of Hoian people, rearrange the vendor in the ancient town and extend the area of the walking town.
Physical training and sport movement was paid much attention with many exciting activities. The city had high achievement when joining provincial-level competitions and leagues. It also organized succefully the 70th anniversary of traditional day of  sports and physical training 27/3 and planned for Hoian Sport and Physical Training Grand Festival.
In addition, the city focused on improving cultural,  rural civilization and family matters. In 2016, there were 19 659 out of 20 881 households; 52 out of 77 hamlets and city blocks; 134 out of 142 agencies, units, enterprises and 8 out of 13 wards achieved the title of culture.
Education and training continues to be enhanced on professional and well-organized teaching and learning. It has 26 out of 37 standard schools, including 5 schools achieved level 2. School equipment continued to be invested.
Medical examination and treatment; disease prevention and food safety, population and family planning work was implemented closely and successfully.
Labor policies, devotees and social security was carried out regularly and thoughtfully. Allowances were paid, house-reparing for people with meritorious at a cost of 2.69 billion dong. The city also held a solemn ceremony awarding the title Vietnamese heroic mother to 83 mothers; gathered 73 sets of remains of martyrs, and Vietnamese heroic mothers to bury in the city cemetery.
Poverty reduction, job creation and vocational training was focused. social protection; protection and care of children, gender equality and social isuarance continue to be carried out carefully, the rate of people joining health insurance has gained 81% so far.
In 2017, the city focused on developing economic linked to ensuring social balance, rational use of resources and environmental protection; strengthening management, conservation and promotion of the values of the world cultural heritage of Hoian ancient town and the world biosphere reserve of Cham island; pushing the project on recognizing Hoian as a national urban and Cu Lao Cham as a national tourist zone; boosting the development of the cultural – social field; ensuring social security and social welfare.


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