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Traffic by road:
Till last September 2010, Hoi An has total 265,77 Km road
In which:
+ Asphalted road: 87,946 km
+ Concreted road: 161,424 km
+ Pathway: 16,4 km
Informations concerning to urban management:
+ Electricity: 54 km, 1849 light bulbs
+ Sewerage: 58.08 km
+ sidewalks: 108.704 m2
+ Verdure: 3357 trees ( 1st trees: 2107, 2nd trees: 1230, 3rd trees: 20)
Source:Hoi An Urban Management
Waterway traffic: 
With 34km length of waterways being managed and exploited (Hoi An river, De Vong river, Thu Bon river), traffic by waterway is one of the convenient means of transport in Hoi An.
Electricity supply system:
Updating ….
Source: Hoi An electricity branch
Water supply system:
Source: Hoi An building, supplying and wasting factory
Post and Telecomunications:
Source: Hoi An post office
Industry- small craft industry
1/Establishments, labours, industry and small craft industry:
Total establishments: 1.291 establishments/ 5.860 employees; in which:
+ State enterprise: 4/889 employees
+ Non-state enterprise: 1.287/4.971 employees. Including:
- Private enterprise: 33/1.739 employees
- Households: 1.254/3.232 employees.
2/ Production value: (estimated in 2010):
- Fixed value in 1994: 252,50 billions VND.
In which: main-force branches occupied big density in the whole branch were wood production industry( 41,18%), textile and leather (26,43%), food
processing (23,53%).
- The current value: 492,25 billions VND.
3/GDP of Industry and small craft Industry in 2010:
- Fixed price in 1994: 68,35 billions VND
- Current price: 106,43 billions VND
4/Other informations:
a/ Thanh Ha Industry – Investment – Services Group, Thanh Ha ward:
- Located in Thanh Ha ward with the area of 69,19 ha; and convenient traffic for foreign affair. Including:
- Arranged industry area in Thanh Ha ward with 30,334 ha: priority industries in launching investment at arranged industry area in Thanh Ha Industry – Investment – Services Group: production of export; wood processing; clothing, handbags, shoes manufacture; pottery, porcelain, craft glass production; production of closed-environment bags and others with clean technology
      + 1st step infrastructure investment finished with arranged industry area of 12,798 ha and drawn 7 investors.
      + 2nd step infrastructure investment finished in expect in 2012 with area of 17,536 ha.
- Urban-service area in Thanh Ha Industry – Investment – Services Group with 38,856 ha: drawing investors.
b/Occupational villages:
*Kim Bong carpentry village: located at Trung Ha - Cam Kim ward, about 500 m south of Hoi An ancient town. With area of 1,038 ha, it attracted 11/12 establishments investing in production and trade in centre of the village. Nowasday, thanks to tourism, Kim Bong capentry village is more and more developped; tourists to the village increase everyday. In 2009, there were 25, 406 tourists visiting this village and get 4,88% the total tourists to Hoi An.
Priority industries investing at centre of Kim Bong capentry village and in Cah Kim hamlet are carving capentry, civil capentry, building and
mending ships, sleeping-mat making, and other tourist services.
*Thanh Ha poterry village: located at block 5 - Thanh Ha ward about 4km by road f-rom Hoi An or 2,5km by waterway Westward. In 2009, 10.196 tourists visited, occupied 1,96% the total tourists to Hoi An.
Priority occupations in developping at Thanh Ha poterry village are poterry, porcelain fine arts souvenir production; other crafts and tourist
Seafood industry:
1/ Estabishments, employees:
- Employees: 4.778 peoples
- In which:
            +employees in exploiting seafood: 3.828
            +employees in planting seafood: 950
- Exploited output ( estimated in 2010): 12.800 tons, in exported power: 5.082 tons.
- Ships in exploiting seafood: 1.019/ 19.112 CV
- Ships in exploiting tourist seafood: 88/1.503,5 CV
- Area for planting seafood:195,05 ha
- Output of planting seafood (estimated in 2010): 363,69 tons, output of shrimps : 269,29 tons.
2/ Production value ( estimated in 2010):
- Fixed price in 1994: 236,585 billions VND
- Current price: 320,121 billions VND
3/GDP (estimated in 2010):
- Fixed price in 1994: 139,997 billions VND
- Current price: 188,190 billions VND
4/ Other informations:
- There are 10 hamlets and wards involving in fishery ( except Tan An, Son Phong, Cam Pho) in Hoi An city; in which 9 hamlets and wards own seafood exploiting occupation, 5 own seafood planting occupation.
- Number of establishments in building and mending ships in the city: 11/48 employees.
- Seafood exploiting occupation in Hoi An is very diversified with different fields. However, with a lot of ships in low capacity( over 800 ships with capacity under 20 CV), exploiting isnot effective. In recent years, some households have invested ships with high capacity and improved economic effects in fishery.
1/Number of esablishments, employees:
- Employees: 4.800
- Cultivated area: 1.793 ha, rice area: 840 ha.
- Output of trees with seeds: 5.096 tons; rice output: 4.547 tons ( rice power: 55 quintals/ha
- Livestock: 9.258 animals
- Poultry: 75.000 animals
- Value of bonsais in 2010: 24,4 billions VND
- Area of used forest ( Cham Island): 1.037 ha
- Area of mangrove forest: 19 ha
2/ Production value ( estimated in 2010):
- Fixed price in 1994: 57,8 billions VND
- Current price: 82,5 billions VND
3/GDP (estimated in 2010):
- Fixed price in 1994: 27,1 billions VND
- Current price: 35,8 billions VND
4/ Other informations:
- In production of agriculture and seafood, there are some specific products with Hoi An trade name, attracting tourists to visit
and enjoy: sticky corns, mixed mussels( Cam Nam), Tra Que vegetables…
- Some projects in developping agricutural economy are being carried out: Cam Kim farms, upgrading Tra Que vegetables village,
improving areas along river banks.
Source: Hoi An Economy Department

Source: www.thanhniennews.com


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