Visiting to Hoi An and enjoying Xi Ma

Thursday - 04/07/2019 08:17

Xi Ma (black sesame sweet soup) is a dish originating from China, but with the passage of time, which has become a typical dish of Hoi An people. And now, many domestic and foreign tourists are interested in this dish because of its unique and taste.

Mr. Ngo Thieu and his wife
Photo: Dong Nguyen
The main material of this dish is obviously black sesame. Besides, the seller added some other locally available ingredients such as tapioca flour, sweet-potato flour, centella and some cool herbs. Therefore, it is not only considered as a traditional and delicious dish but also a good nutrition.
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Ingredients for making Xi Ma: Black sesame, tapioca flour, sweet-potato flour, bowled-sugar, centella
Photo: Dong Nguyen
Over the past years, anyone who came to Hoi An and looked for Xi Ma is almost pointed to sweet-soup loads of Mr. Ngo Thieu- 106 years old. Currently, because of old age, he occasionally appears. The trade cedes to his descendants.
In order to preserve the value of the traditional occupation and introduce new sightseeing spot for tourists, The Center for Culture-Sports and Radio-Television of Hoi An city has coordinated with relevant agencies, departments, localities and Mr. Ngo Thieu’s family organize the opening ceremony of  Xi Ma performance sightseeing spot.
The sightseeing spot will be opened on the morning of June 19th, 2019 at 45/17 Tran Hung Dao street, Hoi An city.
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The house and yard of Ngo Thieu’s family are a part of Xi Ma performance areas
Photo: Dong Nguyen
Besides, visiting this place, tourists will have the opportunity to visit Ba Le Well. This is one of the typical relics of ancient wells in Hoi An, with its rich history, culture and architecture.
Dong Nguyen
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