Keep the “good fame” of Hội An

Tuesday - 22/10/2019 14:57

The reward “Asia’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2019” which has just been awarded is a “good fame” of Hội An land and people. It contributes to promote the image of Hội An tourism in particular, Vietnam tourism in general to a large number of tourists in 5 continents.

More than one month ago, in a series of activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of UNESCO’s recognition of Hội An Ancient Town and Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary as World Cultural Heritge Sites; the 10th anniversary of UNESCO’s recognition of Chàm Island - Hội An as a World Biosphere Reserve that was organized by the People’s Committee of Quảng Nam province (September 8). Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc reiterated that the honor award was that Hội An was voted the most charming and wonderful travel city in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine; and before that, the Cable News Network (CNN) of America chose Hội An as one of the most beautiful ancient towns and the most romantic destinations in the world right before Valentine’s Day 2019. Early in July, Hội An had become a world-class destination when it was the first Vietnamese travel destination honored by Google Doodle on homepage.
Recently, at the 26th World Travel Award (WTA) Ceremony 2019 for Asia - The Pacific region was held on Phú Quốc Island (October 12), Hội An was the only place in Vietnam that was awarded “Asia’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2019” with the three national awards of Vietnam: Asia’s Leading Destination 2019, Asia’s Leading Culinary Destination 2019,  Asia’s Leading Cultural Destination 2019.
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Tourists learn about ceramic products in Thanh Hà pottery village (Hội An).

It should be added that this is an annual World Tourism Award, in order to honor the outstanding travel destinations, the best travel service providers in the field of aviation, hotels, resorts, travel agencies, transportation, yachts... This award was born in 1993 and now it has become one of the quality measures of the tourism industry that is recognized in worldwide. There were 12 other famous cities around the world which were nominated in the category “World’s Leading Cultural City” this year: Moscow and Saint Petersburg (Russia), Rome and Venice (Italy), London (U.K), New York (USA), Paris (France)...
Surpassing the strong candidates to win this title, we must mention the prestige and famous travel brand of Hội An - a place in which the cultural quintessence of humanity is converged. Mr. Nguyễn Đức Lộc, Associate Professor - Doctor - Director of Social Life Research Institute said: “Hội An exists as a bustling international trading port in the medieval period which has attracted many people from other places of the world to converge, trade, live and create a picture of cultural diversity. We can mention the role of the Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Chăm people, who had previously created a multicultural commercial port”.
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Tourists visit the booth at Hội An Silk Village.
Hội An City Award - “Asia’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2019” is an honor and a great pride. It is meant to encourage the spirit of solidarity and responsibility of everyone to join hands to act for building Hội An as an eco - cultural - travel city that integrates and develops sustainably.
In a speech at the 20th anniversary of UNESCO’s recognition of Hội An Ancient Town and Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary as World Cultural Heritge Sites (early September), Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc said that: “All of Vietnamese heritage sites, including Hội An, are necessary to be strengthened domestic and international investment attraction in order to develop tourism products and services in a diversity and sustainability way. It must be in accordance with cultural identity, ensure to harmonize with socio-economic and environment. Noting to preserve and promote the heritage sites of Vietnam is an important political task, a factor contributing to in-depth promotion the international cooperation in many aspects such as culture, politics, economy, national defense and security.”.


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