Experience Hoi An with “Rock side by side” at Bay Mau coconut forest

Friday - 27/10/2023 15:11

Today, Bay Mau coconut forest is an attractive eco-tourism destination in Hoi An with charming river scenery and the stories of former revolutionary base.

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Bay Mau coconut forest is located in village 7, Cam Thanh Commune, Hoi An City, right near Cua Dai Bridge, about 4 km from Hoi An Ancient Town. The name Bay Mau was given because this nipa palm forest previously had an area of about 7 acres (Bay Mau). Currently, the coconut forest area has been developed much larger, yet the name Bay Mau remains.

During the resistance period, Bay Mau coconut forest was an important base for the Vietnamese army and people. The lush green coconut trees, stretching across the river, unintentionally became a shield to protect the villages, feeding countless generations of people during the years of fierce war.

Over time, since tourism has been developed strongly in Hoi An, the coconut forest becomes an attractive eco-tourism destination.

The ideal time to travel to Bay Mau coconut forest is during the dry season from January to September. Especially August and September is when the coconut forest is at its most beautiful. Despite the hot and humid in Hoi An, the air in the coconut forest is quite cool and fresh. Visitors should avoid going in November and December, it is when Hoi An enters the rainy season, with strong winds and possible storms, which will affect the schedule.

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The experience of sitting on a coracle, floating on the river, weaving into small creeks, gazing at the rows of green coconut trees right in front of your eyes is unforgettable. The round coracle with a light rowing oar takes you through countless small creeks. As you rowing, the coracle boater tells you stories about the Bay Mau coconut forest. The place that used to be a strong revolutionary base, witnessing the smoke, fire, and bombs of war, is now so peaceful. The shade of coconut trees is extremely pleasant. Not only being adored by Vietnamese tourists, but also international ones, especially those interesting experience at the coconut forest. When they first learned about a coracle, they got to know the nipa palm tree and tried the feeling of floating.

An impressive experience and also a unique tourism product of Bay Mau coconut forest are the attractive performances of boatmen when challenging themselves with coracle spinning. The person rowing the corable rotates 180 degrees in the middle of the water waves, making outsiders feel dizzy just by looking at them. This game also attracts visitors who want to enjoy a heathrobbing experience (contraindication for people with a medical history of vestibular or a weak heart). Because just a few rotations are enough to make you dizzy. The performance also allows you to see firsthand the life of casting nets to catch fish, racing boats... on the Thu Bon River.

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After experiences with coracle riding, enjoy cool, fragrant coconut sweet soup. The nipa coconut meat is taken from the nipa coconuts harvested in the coconut forest.

Coming to Hoi An, after walking around the old town, enjoying countless delicious dishes, visiting peaceful craft villages, swimming in An Bang beach, don't miss the Bay Mau coconut forest.

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