Ancient town to host Korean Day

Wednesday - 20/04/2022 05:51

212334 Andong

A performance of Andong troupe from Korea in Hội An in 2019. The ancient town will host the Korean Cultural Day on April 22-23 as post-COVID-19 tourism has been recovered in the city. Photo courtesy of Hội An centre for sports and information 

HỘI AN — Performances of the K-pop band A-Code; Trung Quân Idol; Minh Tốc & Lam and Cỏ Lạ music groups; Hội An art troupe; and the Vietnamese national taekwondo team will serve as the curtain-raiser of the Korea Cultural Day event in the ancient town of Hội An on Friday night.

The Hội An City’s sports and information centre said the annual event, organised by the embassy of Korea, Culture Centre of Korea in Việt Nam, Quảng Nam Province and Hội An City since 2017, will be a spotlight of the National Tourism Year 2022-Quảng Nam.

Pavilions of local traditional cuisine and Korean food, crafts exhibition and hanbok-wearing will be held at the An Hội Sculpture Park on the Hoài River from morning to night on Friday and Saturday (April 22-23).

212332 miquang

Local Mỳ Quảng (Quảng Nam rice flat noodle) is one of the favourite cuisines of Quảng Nam Province and Hội An. Local and Korean food will be introduced at the event. VNS Photo Công Thành 

Various street cultural performances, traditional arts and folk game exchanges and craft village tours are set up in the Old Quarter and suburban areas of Hội An at the weekend.

A Hội An and Korean food space will be introduced in the evening where visitors can try kimchi and tokbokki cake tasting as well as local Mỳ Quảng (Quảng Nam flat rice noodle), Cao Lầu and street food at the park.

212331 denlong3

Lantern decoration is a symbolic style of Hội An at night time. The city will host cultural and cuisine events on the Korean Cultural Day on April 22-23. VNS Photo Công Thành 

Hội An, a UNESCO-recognised world heritage site, has been the favourite destination for the annual Korean Cultural event.

The city and the International Mask Arts & Culture Organisation and Andong City, Korea, have built up friendship ties in promoting cultural exchanges, exhibitions and friendship visits since 2017.

212330 hanbok

Young students wear the hanbok at the Korean Cultural Day in Hội An. The city has been an annual destination for the cultural event since 2017. VNS Photo Công Thành 

Many Korean art troupes, including from Hahoe Folk Village, a UNESCO-recognised world heritage site in Gyeongsangbuk; the World Music Assemble One, RAAK, Sachoom, and Bibap Bang A Tha Ryeong have flocked to Hội An for the annual joint-performance.



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