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Black sesame sweet soup in Hoi An

A delicious, refreshing and nutritious sweet soup

Hoi An City attracts tourists relying on its ancient houses, lanterns and various specialties. Besides the local foods, there are many foods that were imported many years ago. Chè mè en (black sesame sweet soup) is very popular for local residents and tourists alike.

Chè mè en, also known as chí mà phù, was imported to Hoi An f-rom Fujian Province in China when Chinese traders came to this city long time ago. The sweet soup has various ingredients such as black sesame, coconut, rice flour, sugar, sinh a (Radix Rehmanniae) and thc a (Rehmannia glutinosa). So, it is not only considered a delicious dessert, but also a good medicine.

Chè mè en is cooked in a metal pot and is usually sold by hawkers. This sweet soup is the tastiest when it is served hot.