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Information of the opening ceremony of Kim Bong carpentry village’s guided activities in Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Cam kim Commune.

In recent times, Hoi An city has issued decisions of the Project “Building rural - ecological craft village in Cam Kim commune for the period 2021 - 2025", the Project "Restoring and developing tourism in Kim Bong carpentry village, Cam Kim commune", the Project “community-based tourism development associated with preserving local cultural values and natural ecosystems in Kim Bong carpentry village, Cam Kim commune”… as well as strengthening investment in infrastructure, renovating landscape, promoting investment and developing service, training knowledge and vocational skills for the locals, encouraging start-up models, organizing cultural, events - festivals activities in the locality.
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Especially, Hoi An city has gave an idea related to the Project "Kim Bong Carpentry - inspired Creativity" in the candidate profile for UNESCO's Creative Cities Network. In there, aiming to further develop the traditional Kim Bong carpentry village, which carpentry craft is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. The project is expected to establish a pilot model of community-based tourism village with a focus on technical training, supporting for creative design, consulting for start-up businesses, and providing a vision for the development of Kim Bong carpentry village to become one of the city's centers for exchange and creativity.
Deveping green tourism, sustainable tourism and community-based tourism associated with eco-villages are the contents that focusing by Hoi An city. In there, Kim Bong carpentry village is one of the Hoi An’s traditional craft villages possessing all the necessary elements in terms of ecology, cutural heritage, infrastructure as well as social conditions to becoming a tourist destination that attracts locals and visitors.
To promote the historical and cultural values of Kim Bong carpentry village; becoming a sightseeing place that serving a variety  of tourist experiences needs; contribute to promote the livelihoods, incomes of the locals and develop related services. Hoi An city officially organize “the opening ceremony of Kim Bong carpentry village’s guided activities” at 07:30 on June 1st, 2024 in Kim Bong Craft Village Center.
Kim Bong village was established around the 16th century, in Cam Kim commune, Hoi An city. It’s famous for construction carpentry, household carpentry, fine woodworking, and ship-building. Kim Bong artisans have contributed to the construction of the Imperial City of Hue, architectural works in Hoi An, and many surrounding areas. Until now, the Kim Bong carpentry craft continues to thrive with hundreds of talented and creative artisans and craftsmen who uphold the essence of the traditional craft established by their ancestors.  With its unique historical and cultural significance, the beautiful natural landscapes, and the warm-hearted locals, Kim Bong carpentry village promises to be an attractive destination for tourists in their exploration of Hoi An.
 Kim Bong carpentry village’s guiged activities will take place from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm everyday. Visitors can travel by river or road to the Craft Village Center area to discover the history and culture of Kim Bong carpentry village. They can visit the exhibition house of occupation village, boat building establishments,  wood carving stablishments, Cam Kim market,  watch and experience craft demonstration activitives such as wood carving, mat weaving, coracle weaving, basket weaving ... Additionally, each visitor purchasing a ticket will receive a souvenir crafted by Kim Bong artisans.